Falling Blocks App Reviews

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Addictive brain teaser

This game is pretty addictive and fun. It's fun to try and beat the previous high score. Interface and graphics are clean and game runs smooth without a hitch. Can't beat it for a dollar.

Buy this game!

This game is super! It's very fun, and I love the cute artwork!

Great and charming game!

This game is good fun to pass time in the little moments, but you'll find yourself spending much too long. The hand-drawn graphics are very cute and the game has nice sliding animations and is a nicely polished and solid 1.0 version.

A must buy!

Excellent game! Addictive- can't stop playing this little game, fun art style adds to the appeal! Great price as well- a must buy!!

Super-cute and addictive little game.

This is a fun little game that's really easy to play and super-addictive. And the faces on the little blocks are so cute I just want to hug them. The perfect game for when you have 5 or 10 minutes to kill. Well worth 99 cents.


This game is great and super addicting. Doesn't crash at all and is simple and a blast. Buy it it is worth more then the price.

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